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If you are seeking funding for an abortion and you live in or are traveling to New York State, please call our hotline: 212-252-4757.

Our mailing address:
FDR Station, Box 7569
New York, NY 10150

Our hotline number:

Our email:

You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you NYAAF so much for you help. Without your contribution, I would not be able to get out of my situation. The ladies who helped were just angels and went out of their way. Thank you for letting me know that I did have a choice.

  2. I was in the process of moving, in between jobs, and didn’t have a penny to my name. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your contribution. NYAAF truly is a godsend to everyone who’s been turned down by their insurance company, the state and even information hotlines. Thank you for allowing me to have the ability to sleep tonight knowing that my destiny is entirely in my hands again. To you lovely people, remember that what goes around comes around. I’ll be sending my love for years to come in whatever way I can.

  3. thank you nyaaf, so much. I spoke with Phillip and he was extremely helpful, and I could have never done this without him. eternally grateful!!

  4. hi… i am not a special person but after my experience having an abortion, i want so badly to help other women… i can’t do much money wise, but i am hoping that i will be able to help others realize they are not evil or any of the other hateful things people call us… again, i am not special, and i have not told my story(s) yet because even though i say be brave, i am still a bit scared to go out and tell my entire story alone.. with that said… please visit my link, if you see the video you can go to my youtube channel where i have a few videos about abortion and … well … i honestly want to help other women, period. i hope with all of my heart something i write or say will do that…. if you see any kind of potential in me or my page or my videos, please… please let me know or please use it or contact me?…. please let me be a part in helping women in the only way that i currently can….
    thank you very much,

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