Calling all potential board members! Join us!



The New York Abortion Access Fund is seeking four to five Board Members AND one Transition Co-Chair (see below for more detail). NYAAF’s board is currently an all-volunteer board responsible for all areas of NYAAF’s development and operations.


NYAAF believes every individual should be able to determine their own reproductive destiny and have access to the resources, rights, and respect to be able to do so. NYAAF’s mission is rooted in this belief: We support anyone who is unable to pay fully for an abortion and is living in or traveling to New York State by providing financial assistance and connections to other resources. We also strongly value the inclusion of those who have traditionally struggled to access reproductive health care including low-income people, immigrant communities, women of color, transgender and gender non-conforming people.

 Our operations primarily consist of working directly with callers to pledge funds toward the cost of their abortion, fundraising, and managing our growing organization’s development. We recently under went a strategic planning process and are currently working to incorporate our strategic plan. We are also in the process of transitioning our organizational model to a membership-based model. Joining the board at this exciting juncture means there is a lot of room to guide NYAAF’s direction, sustainability, and impact. Please see our 2014 Annual Report here for more information about our work.


We seek Board Members who can contribute to our current Board of Directors in just some the following ways:

  • Vision and leadership (and leadership potential!)
  • Diversity in race, ethnicity, age, economic status/stature, parent status, ability, sexuality, gender identity, professional and career background, and background in accessing healthcare.
  • Have experience, skills, know-how, and passion in any of following areas:
    • Institutional fundraising
    • Event organizing
    • Change management and strategic organizational development, including resource coordination
    • Strategic communications
    • Collective organizational structures
    • Treasury skills and 501(c)(3) financial literacy and management
    • Operations and Human Resources-related skills
    • Incorporating anti-oppression ideas and practice into all aspects of non-profit operations
    • Executive level non-profit management experience

In addition to the above, we also seek a Transition Co-Chair, a specialized board member to serve on a short-term basis whose responsibilities center around seeing NYAAF through a transitional phase. Overall, responsibilities will include coordinating short and long-range planning efforts, including:

  • Monitoring progress on organizational goals per NYAAF’s strategic plan including progress towards the hiring of an Executive Director and transition to a membership model.
  • Ensuring the work of committees align to established timelines
  • Working with Committees to identify capacity-building needs relevant to NYAAF’s transition and coordinate implementation of activities.


Please download our application here. Please email your application and resume to with the subject line “Board Member Application.” We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until July 15th, but earlier applications are strongly encouraged! We can’t wait to get to know you!

We will be in touch with strong applicants for a casual interview and to discuss what serving on our board might look like for you and our timeline for making invitations to serve. We view this as a two-way process. Not only do we hope to find applicants that contribute to our needs, values, and mission, but we hope to be a good fit for your goals as a member of our Board of Directors.

Please direct any questions to Julie Krumwiede at


We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until July 15th, but earlier applications are strongly encouraged!

*****Women of color, trans and gender-non-conforming people (including trans women), and people who have experienced difficulty in accessing necessary healthcare are especially encouraged to apply*****

Request-for-Proposals: Racial Justice Training!

Hi! Please circulate this post to any individuals or organizations that may be interested! See text below, and find PDF version available for download here. We look forward to further educating and bettering ourselves on racial justice issues and intersectionality. Thanks in advance!


NYAAF is seeking a consultant/firm to facilitate a one-day long racial justice training which will be supplemented with technical guidance to incorporate racial justice principles into our work. It is anticipated that the consultant/firm will provide NYAAF with political education training, an organizational assessment, and a road map for operationalizing racial justice within the Fund’s work.

Organizational Background:

NYAAF Statement of Values:

NYAAF believes that every person should be able to determine their own reproductive destiny and have access to the resources, rights, and respect to be able to do so. We believe that access to affordable abortion care is a critical component of full-spectrum healthcare services. We are working towards a world where abortion funds are not necessary because affordable, safe abortion care is part of mainstream medical practice and covered fully by all types of insurance.

NYAAF believes that the people who call our hotline are experts on their own lives. We believe that they do not owe us anything, including their stories or repayment, in order to qualify for abortion funding. At our core, we believe that anyone seeking an abortion has the right to access one.

We recognize that systems of oppression, including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and others contribute to systemic injustices in the healthcare system. NYAAF is committed to recognizing and addressing these barriers to the best of our ability.

NYAAF’s belief in physical autonomy is a core link between our belief in the right to an abortion, and our belief in the rights of transgender and gender nonconforming people to access holistic health care and services. We recognize that people who identify as men can become pregnant and seek abortions; we strive to meet the needs of all people who seek our funding. We work to provide additional resources to callers beyond the scope of abortion funding, such as referrals for Medicaid enrollment, to demonstrate that we value the wellbeing of our callers beyond their need for an abortion.

NYAAF also recognizes that many of our callers would choose to continue their pregnancies if they were in different financial circumstances. As such, NYAAF does not try to speak for the motivations of our clients by framing abortion as an issue of choice.

The New York Abortion Access Fund supports anyone who is unable to pay fully for an abortion and is living in or traveling to New York State by providing financial assistance and connections to other resources.

Reproductive freedom is a matter of social justice, not just an individual choice. We trust and support the decision of the caller and take their lead in adopting the language they use in talking about their pregnancy and circumstances.

NYAAF does not scrutinize how many abortions someone has had, whether contraception was used, whether a sexual assault was reported, or any other information that is volunteered by our client, nor do we attempt to encourage anyone to behave in a certain way. If someone identifies a desire to learn about how to report an assault, how to avoid pregnancy, or other concerns, NYAAF provides information and makes appropriate referrals.

We consider these values to be at the core of our decision making as a board. They serve as an indispensable guide to all of our fundraising, programmatic, administrative, and communications decisions and actions. Our board, comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are all committed volunteers, all strongly believe in the values and mission of this organization. These shared values reflect an understanding of our work as part of a larger social justice and reproductive justice movement to ensure the full rights of all people. By building and supporting this movement, we strive for a world where everyone has the right and ability to determine their own future.

Project Description:

The consultant/firm will be a dynamic facilitator with knowledge of the women’s, gender justice, and reproductive rights movements. They will have particularly deep knowledge of racial justice and organizational development, and will work within NYAAF’s Statement of Values. The consultant/firm should have at least five years of related experience; previous work with abortion funds preferred but not necessary. Experience with supporting radical organizational shifts would be especially welcomed.

We intend to fill the position by mid June 2015, with the training and other deliverables due in late June/July. The total available budget for this project is between $5000- $10,000 approximately, plus travel costs. A competitive application will clearly demonstrate value relative to the proposed budget.

Broadly, responsibilities will include:

  • Working with NYAAF’s all-volunteer Board of Directors, coordinate all aspects of the planning and delivery of the project.
  • Provide NYAAF with a one-day long political education training on key racial justice principles.
  • Conduct an organizational assessment that will identify key challenges within our current approach and provide a summary of recommendations for areas of work.
  • Based on the organizational assessment, develop a roadmap that will allow NYAAF to operationalize recommendations.

    This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities and is subject to change as per NYAAF’s needs. Please note that the consultant/firm will be provided with the Board’s support throughout the project. The scope of work will be mutually agreed upon by NYAAF and the consultant/firm.

Proposal Submission:

To be considered, please submit the following materials to Linda Saleh at, copying in Rye Young at by June 12, 2015 at the latest.

  • Name and contact information of consultant or firm
  • Cover letter
  • Resumes of all members of the consulting team, including a statement of relevant


  • A description of the proposed approach
  • Timeline for the project
  • Fee schedule and budget, including any anticipated project-related costs
  • Two references that can speak to the consultant or firm’s relevant experience

    * NYAAF strongly encourages women of color and consulting firms that exercise racial justice in their hiring policies to apply.



“What we might lose in slogans, we make up for with integrity.”

We recommend reading Rye Young’s (NYAAF Board Member and Executive Director of Third Wave Fund!) thoughtful response to Katha Politt’s article criticizing the use of gender inclusive language in abortion funding activism.

We take pride in doing everything we can to ensure abortion is accessible, including for groups who are systemically excluded from accessing safe and necessary healthcare.

Gender inclusivity has not diminished our belief that women’s leadership and voice (which includes transgender women) is critical in the struggle for reproductive health care access. We have simply created a wider tent that recognizes all those affected by the issue.

Thanks for supporting gender-inclusivity in reproductive healthcare and for engaging in necessary critical conversations with us!

NYAAF Communications Team

Today is the day to bowl your heart out!

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for!

It’s finally here!

The NYAAF Bowl-a-thon is today, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Chelsea Piers!

This has been an amazing year, and with your incredible fundraising efforts, NYAAF has broken the New York and National Abortion Fund records!We have now exceeded our goal by over $15,000! After all this hard work, we can’t wait to celebrate with you and strike down barriers to abortion access!

Don’t forget:

  • Chelsea Piers, Pier 60 (near West 23rd Street and the West Side Highway)
  • Doors open at 1:15pm, and bowling begins at 1:30pm!
  • When you arrive, we’ll check you in, and give you a lane assignment and shoes. Be sure to know your team name in order to check in!
  • If you have any offline donations (i.e cash or checks) turn them in at check-in. (Remember, all checks must be made out to the New York Abortion Access Fund, not NYAAF!)

Have any last-minute questions? Check out the Bowl-a-thon page to find out everything you need to know!

We want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your efforts along the way. The Bowl-a-thon is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and the opportunity to make an incredible difference in the lives of people who, without this help, would not have access to critical medical services.

You’ve helped us make this year’s Bowl-a-thon the best one yet. We can’t wait to see you this afternoon!


Heather and the Bowl-a-thon Team

Everything you need to know to bowl on Sunday!


As we make one last fundraising push, we’re also getting ready to celebrate the amazing work you’ve all done on Sunday. Here are all of the logistical details:

  • The Bowl-a-thon is at Bowlmor Lanes at Chelsea Piers. It’s at Pier 60, near West 23rd Street and the West Side Highway. It may be a little tricky to find, so we’ll have volunteers out front.
  • Doors will open at 1:15, and bowling will begin at 1:30.
  • When you arrive, you’ll check in with volunteers, get your lane assignment and shoes. If you have any offline donations (i.e cash or checks) this is where you’ll turn those in. Remember, all checks must be made out to the New York Abortion Access Fund, not NYAAF.
  • Drink tickets will be available for $5. They’ll be sold at the registration table, and we’ll have volunteers circulating with them, as well.

Most importantly, we may have exceeded our $100K goal BUT every single dollar raised is still so important! Don’t miss this last chance to raise a few more dollars and make this year’s Bowl-a-thon our BEST ONE YET!

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!
Amanda and the Bowl-a-thon Team

P.S. Are you or someone on your team unable to join us on Sunday? No problem! Just send an email to and let us know, so we can make lane assignments.

Pro-tip: YOU are the secret to Bowl-a-thon success!



Hi, Bowl-a-Thoners!

Want to know something weird about charitable giving? People are actually more likely to give money to a single individual, rather than an abstract group. Luckily, your donors aren’t only giving to an awesome cause. They’re also giving to an awesome individual: YOU. What’s a fun and easy way to remind them of this? Personalize your Bowl-a-Thon page! (It’s sort of like decorating your locker in junior high school, if you went to a junior high school where your locker unleashed magical powers to fund abortion in New York.)

Here are some starters to help inspire your page’s amazingness:

▪  Step 1: Get some inspiration from NNAF’s “Bowl-a-thon Page of the Week” blog series (last week’s winner here!) or by simply clicking around the Bowl-a-thon homepage and perusing the pages of other teams/bowlers.

▪  Step 2: Find some imagery and text to use on your page! Some examples:

▪  A selfie of you with a sign saying why you support abortion funds (check out Lauren Rankin’s “I Fund Abortions” Tumblr for examples!)
▪  A series of animated GIFs telling a compelling AND hilarious story (may we suggest as a good GIF search engine?)
▪  Custom memes via
▪  Photos of you and your teammates making funny faces
▪  Personal stories about why you support NYAAF, abortion funding, or bowling.

▪  Step 3: Put it all together! Simply log in to the Bowl-a-thon site, select Edit Your Page from the menu on the left, and then select Customize Your Page. Here, you can post your memes and GIFs, manage your photos, change your fundraising goals, and edit your mission statement.

▪  If you need more help, you can contact the NNAF here, or just send us an e-mail directly. We’re happy to answer your questions, provide inspiration, and help you make your page the best ever!

▪  Step 4: Collaborate! Once you have your page ready to go, you can do other cool stuff, like…..

▪  Nominate your page (or your friend’s page, or your mom’s page) for NNAF’s Page of the Week
▪  Encourage others by commenting on the pages that you love
▪  Re-post your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the community board at your coffee shop, your dog’s forehead, etc.

Again, the most important thing is to make your page a reflection of YOU. Many of the pledges that you’ll receive will be from those who already know and love you, but who may not know why you care so deeply about this work. Let your page be your opportunity to tell them.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. Happy funding!

Many thanks,
Julia Jones and the NYAAF Team


Our Top 3 Bowl-a-thon Fundraising Tips!

Hey There, Bowlers! We know what you’re thinking – you’ve set up your team, you’ve got a fun team name, and you’re raising money – but you’re wondering what else you can do to surpass your goal. Well, we’ve got you covered with some great fundraising tips, and our Top Three Ways to Raise!

First things first, make sure you’ve snazzed up your page! Your donors aren’t only giving to an awesome cause. They’re also giving to an awesome individual: YOU. What’s a fun and easy way to remind them of this? Personalize your Bowl-a-Thon page with touching stories, selfies, memes, GIFs and more!

You’ll also want to make sure that you take a look at our list of great fundraising tips! From your first point of contact right down to the thank yous for all those donations, our guide has everything from the best way to reach out to getting into a fundraising rhythm. Check out our step-by-step on ‘How to be an Awesome Bowl-a-thon Fundraiser’!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Top Three Ways to Raise!

  1. Organize an event! The possibilities are endless! Have a bar night, throw a house party, have a bake sale, or even host a stoop sale (weather permitting!). Think you have what it takes to organize a successful fundraising event, but need a little help connecting with the right folks to make it happen? Great! Send us an email to info[at]nyaaf[dot]org (subject line: “Events”) with your idea, and we’ll get in touch to help.
  2. Offer perks/rewards for donations! No time to throw an event? Consider offering perks à la Kickstarter for donations! Have a large social media following? Consider posting a tweet or blog publicizing your donors’ project! Have stellar cooking or baking skills? Make a meal or treat for select donors! The possibilities are endless and everyone has something awesome to offer.
  3. Use your talents! Are you a musician or an artist? Do you have amazing cooking/writing/social media/organizing/styling skills? Consider using your particular talents to offer your donors a free song, piece of art, consultation, or workshop. It’s a way to show your passion while incentivizing potential donors, all while having fun!

NOTE: Don’t forget to log your cash donations on your Bowl-a-thon page! Make sure that any checks are made out to ‘New York Abortion Access Fund’, instead of NYAAF. We want you and your team to get credit for all your hard work!

As we get ever-closer to the best Bowl-a-thon EVER, we want to thank you for being awesome Bowl-a-thoners! As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Happy funding!

Heather and Julia
NYAAF Bowl-a-thon Planning Committee

Let’s BOWL!


Hello amazing supporters! The NYAAF Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser is back and better than ever!

Whether you want to help a great cause, support an existing team, or you’re eager to show off those bowling skills, find out more about the Bowl-a-thon here.

The Bowl-a-thon is what allows NYAAF to continue our vital work. It’s the event that keeps NYAAF’s services available to those who need it most. That’s why we need your help!

This year, we’re aiming to break Bowl-a-thon records & raise an amazing $100,000! Will you help us achieve that goal?

We’ve compiled this handy list of FAQs, but if you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us, so we can get you bowling! Click the jump to read more.

Continue reading

Join us for NYAAF’s 6th Annual Bowl-a-thon!

Sunday, April 26, 2015
1:30 – 4:00 PM
Bowlmor Chelsea Piers (Pier 60)
23rd Street & West Side Highway, NY, NY

unnamed-2At last year’s Bowl-a-thon, we raised more than $80,000. Thanks to the support of more than 240 New Yorkers, we were the #1 abortion access Bowl-a-thon in the country!

We need your help in making the 2015 Bowl-a-thon an even bigger success! This year’s Bowl-a-thon is on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers, Pier 60/23rd & West Side Hwy, New York, NY.

We’ve set the bar high this year, and our goal for the 2015 bowl-a-thon is $100,000! We need you, your best friend, your great-Aunt, and the person next to you at the office to join in! This year, each individual bowler will need to raise a minimum of $100. We promise: you can do it! We will provide tons of support, tips, fundraising ideas, and motivating emails to help you get there. We can do this together!

Interested in bowling but don’t have a full team? We welcome individual bowlers and small teams. Contact Sarah Rosenthal at to get connected or partnered with other bowlers.

We can’t wait to fundraise and bowl with you! Support NYAAF and meet other reproductive rights and bowling enthusiasts as we strike down barriers to abortion access!

Help us make NYAAF’s 2015 Bowl-a-thon a success:

  • Register your team on the NYAAF Bowl-a-thon page. Can’t attend? Then consider donating to support an existing team or individual.
  • Tweet to let your friends know that you’re excited for this year’s Bowl-a-thon by clicking here or using #NYAAFbowl15!
  • Spread the word! Share the link to NYAAF’s Bowl-a-thon page (!

Many thanks,
The NYAAF Bowl-a-thon Planning Committee

NYAAF provides testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues

NYAAF Co-Chair, Alison Turkos provided testimony on NYAAF’s behalf in support of a resolution commemorative Roe. v. Wade and urging Congress to pass the Women’s Health Projection Act.

nyaaf.nyccRead NYAAF’s testimony below!

Testimony of the New York Abortion Access Fund before The New York City Council Committee on Women’s Issues regarding Proposed Resolution No. T2015-2352

January 21, 2015

Thank you to the New York City Council for introducing this important resolution.

My name is Alison Turkos and I am Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the New York Abortion Access Fund, NYAAF. NYAAF supports anyone who is unable to pay fully for an abortion and is living in or travelling to New York State by providing financial assistance and connections to other resources. When an abortion clinic encounters a patient who needs financial assistance, NYAAF is one of the potential funding sources to which they turn. Over the last twelve years, we’ve pledged over $465,000 to help more than 1,500 people access abortion services. We are run completely by volunteers, are funded almost entirely by individual donations, and every single grant we make goes directly to an abortion clinic on behalf of a patient who cannot afford the cost.

People come from all over the country to access abortion services in New York City, for a variety of reasons. NYAAF has helped people from as close as Pennsylvania and New Jersey to as far as California, Texas, Utah, and France. For some, abortion may be more affordable in NYC than in their home states, while others come because they may be able to have procedures done at later stages of pregnancy. Many people that NYAAF has helped found that New York has fewer barriers to accessing abortion care than surrounding states; some have even come from areas where there are no abortion providers at all.

Many states have a limited number of providers, which leads to fewer clinics, which often means more travel time for many patients. Low-income individuals who seek funding from an abortion fund like NYAAF not only have a hard time coming up with funds for the abortion, but many times have to consider time off work, childcare, travel and hotel costs. We work every day with clients who sell their belongings, go hungry for weeks as they save up their grocery money, or risk eviction by using their rent money to pay for an abortion.

New York is lucky in that we don’t have some of the more onerous restrictions like those we’ve seen in recent years in Texas, which have succeeded in closing the doors of many of the state’s already over-burdened clinics. Ensuring that safe, legal abortion care is available to anyone who needs it requires institutional and political support for abortion providers. Clinics should be able to stay open without unnecessary structural requirements or other governmental hoops to jump through – hoops that serve not to protect patient health, but rather to delay access to safe legal services.
While we are privileged to live in a state where Medicaid covers abortion costs and where laws do not restrict access to abortion care, there are still many in New York who are unable to access abortion care. These are the many patients who turn to the New York Abortion Access Fund for funding. As the growing need for NYAAF’s funding shows, legalities can be meaningless when countless other barriers stand in your way. We are thankful for these courageous city council members who recognize that while abortion needs to be safe and legal, it also must be affordable and accessible. We hope this resolution will push people to think about abortion not just within the limiting framework of “choice”, but as a crucial component in the broader fight for economic and reproductive justice. Thank you.