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Dear Friends of NYAAF:

We are asking for your help.

The New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) granted more than $60,000 to health clinics over the past year, helping 122 women pay for abortions they could not otherwise afford. This is more than twice the number we were able to support the year before.

Demand for our services continues to rise as the bleak economy takes a toll on low-income women and their families. Now more than ever, we need your support to fill the gap for women who would otherwise fall through the cracks—those too broke to pay for necessary healthcare, but who make just enough that they do not qualify for public assistance.

Earlier this year, NYAAF received a call from a young woman named Allison. Allison lives in the Western United States and is uninsured. Because of a preexisting medical condition, she needed to receive her abortion in a clinical setting under general anesthesia. The cost in New York was much lower than anything she could find near her home. So she planned to drive across the country with her elderly stepfather, a bag of white bread and a tub of peanut butter. After several phone calls, we found a clinic closer to her home and negotiated a price that she could afford.

Another call came from Doug, a young man in his early twenties trying to find help for his girlfriend. Calls from men are rare, but this young man clearly saw the situation as one that affected him as much as his partner. We helped him locate a clinic and together they were able to raise $800 from friends and family. NYAAF kicked in the final $400.

The women NYAAF supports are as diverse as our country. They are African American, Latina and white and, this past year, ranged from 11 to 43 years of age. Forty percent already had children. They are united by the fact that, while they live in a country where abortion is legal and safe, cost nearly prevented them from accessing services.

NYAAF works to break down this barrier by helping women pay for abortions and matching them to convenient and affordable services. We thank you for your past support and invite you to ensure that abortion remains safe, legal, accessible and funded. One-hundred percent of your tax-deductible donation directly supports low-income women’s abortions.

You can donate via Causes on Facebook or by clicking the “donate now” button on Again, your help is greatly appreciated.


NYAAF Board of Directors