Fight the attacks on women's health! NYAAF needs your support!

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Dear NYAAF Supporter,

While the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) works to help women access safe abortion care, anti-choice forces are hard at work. You’ve heard about Congress voting to defund Planned Parenthood and Title X. You’ve heard about states pledging not to cover abortion in the upcoming insurance exchanges. You may not have heard how these legislative attacks can affect real women’s ability to access abortion care.

NYAAF is critically low on funds and facing the highest need in our 10-year history. Today, many women and families are struggling to make ends meet. Many have lost work and health insurance. This, coupled with increasingly restrictive abortion regulations in states across the country, means that more women than ever are coming to New York to access safe abortion care. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to help women access the reproductive health care they need. You can donate here. These are some of the women that your donations have already helped.

Angela* is a young woman just beginning college, with the dream of becoming a journalist. Her health plan did not include abortion coverage and she reached out to NYAAF when she discovered she was a few weeks pregnant. She contributed to her procedure with funds saved from her work-study program and NYAAF covered the remaining cost.

Stella* was excited to have her second child. At 28 weeks, she learned that her pregnancy had a fatal fetal abnormality. Her insurance covered abortion, but only until 24 weeks. She called NYAAF to help her reach a clinic in Colorado for a safe termination.

Melissa’s* husband had just lost his job when she discovered she was pregnant. With no health care coverage, two small children to care for and unreliable access to housing, she came to NYAAF looking for assistance. She made the decision based on what she and her husband felt was best for their family and with your support, NYAAF was able to help her.

These women needed NYAAF’s help, and thanks to your generous contributions, they had safe abortion procedures. With your ongoing support, we hope to help as many women as possible, but the calls for our help have been consistently higher than ever before. At the current rate, we will be out of funds within the next few months, and possibly even weeks. Your donation of $25, $50 or $100 will help women afford the safe abortion care they need. Click here to help. On our donation page you can even set up a recurring donation, to ensure that your support of NYAAF remains as constant as your commitment to women’s rights.

Thanks for all your support, and  behalf the women we serve, we thank you for your commitment to reproductive justice for all.

The NYAAF Board of Directors
*Names have been changed.