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bowlathon graphicWe’re lacing up our bowling shoes for April 17 (in JUST ONE MONTH!) — please join us for the Second Annual National BowlaThon for Abortion Access! In the past weeks and months wev’e faced many attacks on our reproductive freedom. And they keep on coming at us. Now more than ever, we need you to join us in fighting back!

Because when the going gets tough, the tough GO BALLS OUT!

The bowl-a-thon is an exciting opportunity to raise money for NYAAF and also to have a great time with activists in New York City. Last year hundreds of teams from around the country raised over $175,000 for abortion accessand this year we’re aiming even higher!

How does it work? Easy! First, go to NYAAF’s bowl-a-thon page. Next, recruit a few friends and register your dream team: a few great team names already registered are Spare Ribs, the Stiff Boehners, and The Bowled and the Beautiful. You’re ready to start making reproductive rights a reality for women in your state!

Haven’t bowled since high school? Or EVER? Not a problem! The bowlathon is about access, not prowess. There’s no pin count: the goal is to help women and girls with the resources they need to make the right decision for their lives. And it’s the most fun you’ll ever have in rented shoes!

Want to support this grassroots event but you’re too busy to bowl? Donate to one of the NYAAF teams or to an individual!

Together, we’ll strike down barriers to abortion access.