Listening to the people we serve

Here at NYAAF, we know that telling abortion stories is complicated. We want to uplift the voices and experiences of people we serve without making them feel like victims, or that they “owe” us their story because we helped fund their abortion. Sometimes, the people we talk to volunteer their stories and give us permission to share them with our supporters:

Because of your contribution I was able to have my abortion done almost 2
weeks ago, I was able to realize that I do have a choice. I love my 5
kids and cannot imagine my life without them. With that being said I am
sure that my family is complete and don’t plan anymore in the future. I
was (and still am but things will get better) in a really bad financial
stage and it was taking a toll on me both physically & mentally. Once I
had contacted your organization, I was helped and felt releived and was
finally able to sleep at night.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me.

Thank you to this patient for reaching out to us and, thanks to NYAAF supporters for giving us the resources to help this patient get the care they needed.