Urgent: Funding needed today

UPDATE: Thanks to our incredible supporters, we were able to raise the $3100 in just 2.5 hours. THANK YOU! Both Paulina and NYAAF are very grateful for your generous support.

Dear NYAAF supporters,

Over the last week, we’ve been working with a young woman in a tough situation. And now we need your help.

Paulina* is full time student and a recent immigrant to New York State. She has no monthly income and limited health insurance. By the time Paulina discovered that she was pregnant, she was past New York’s legal limit. Paulina is currently 26 weeks pregnant and has an appointment for an abortion tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6, in Colorado. This is one of the only clinics in the country that will perform the procedure at this point in pregnancy.

The total cost of the abortion is $8000. Paulina’s insurance will only cover part of the procedure. Paulina has managed to pull together some money in addition to transportation from New York and lodging while in Colorado. NYAAF also reached out to some other abortion funds to help us cover the cost of the procedure.

Paulina still needs $3100 in order to make her appointment tomorrow. This is fifteen times our average grant amount, and so we are emailing to ask if you can make an emergency contribution so that Paulina can safely terminate her pregnancy. 

If possible, please provide your support in either of two ways:
1) Make an immediate donation by credit card by clicking here.
2) Email info@nyaaf.org with the amount of your pledge and then send us a check. Mail to NYAAF, FDR Station, Box 7569, New York, NY 10150.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Maureen Stutzman and Alison Turkos
Co-Chairs, NYAAF Board of Directors

*Not the client’s real name. We shared her experience with her permission. We are using “she/her” pronouns at the client’s request.