Facing Challenges


“Staffing the hotline this week reminds me that the importance of abortion access doesn’t go away around the holidays. No matter what’s happening, NYAAF is there to ensure people are able to access the abortion care they need.” – Alison Turkos, NYAAF Board of Directors

Since Sunday, NYAAF has pledged $4,556 to help people who have abortion appointments this week. We are currently facing one of the most demanding weeks we’ve had all year.

But as we come closer and closer to our fundraising goal, we at NYAAF find ourselves immensely grateful for the support we’ve received thus far. The more money we’re able to raise, the more people we can help afford the cost of their abortion. Please consider donating today.

Unsure of how much to donate? Some ideas:

  • $25 for the number of new cases we’ve worked on this week
  • $87 for the percentage of US counties with no abortion providers
  • $350 for NYAAF’s average individual pledge this week
  • $450 for the number of new anti-abortion restrictions passed in 2013
  • $1241 for the amount left until we reach our goal!