Let’s BOWL!

Past NYAAF Bowl a Thon participants

Come bowl with us!

Hello New Yorkers! We wanted to remind that our annual Bowl-a-thon fundraiser is happening RIGHT NOW & there’s still time to register! 

Whether you want to bowl with us, support an existing team, or simply find out more about the Bowl-a-thoncheck out: bit.ly/NYAAFbowl14

Most importantly, the Bowl-a-thon is what allows NYAAF to do the work we do. Without a successful Bowl-a-thon, we’d have to scale back our services & refuse help to those who need it most.

This year, we’re aiming to break Bowl-a-thon records & raise an amazing$100,000! 

Will you help us achieve that goal?

To motivate you to join us, we’ve compiled a handy list of FAQ, which can be found below. We’ve shared this info with our already-registered bowlers, but we know it’s useful for everyone!

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How do I form a team?

If you’ve received this email, you’ve already signed up and you probably need teammates! What’s worked best for us is thinking “who do I know that supports abortion access?” and simply put the ask out there. You’d be surprised how many would be willing to join your team (or donate) if you send them a personal message and ask directly. Team members can register at http://bit.ly/NYAAFbowl14, where they choose your team from a drop-down menu.

What if I don’t know what to name my team? 

Team names are nothing to worry about! Don’t let a lack of a name keep you or your friends from signing up. You can choose a temporary name and edit to a final name at any point. Perhaps this punny bowling team name site can provide some inspiration? Also keep an eye out on the #NYAAFbowl14 tag on Twitter, as we’ll tweet out awesome name ideas (and other tips) from time to time!

What if I can’t find enough team members?

Our team limits this year are 8 members, but that does not mean that you need an 8-member team right away. Recruitment is often a gradual process and that’s fine, and you can also get in touch with us if you’d like help in finding people to join your team. We often have people get in touch with us when they need to find a team or need additional members, and we’re happy to link the two together to make bowling magic happen!

How do I choose a fundraising goal & what if I don’t reach it? What if I exceed it?!

Here’s the thing about Bowl-a-thon goals: it’s entirely up to you! Most people choose an amount between $100-$300 initially, and then increase their goal if they exceed it. Like team names, you can edit your goal at any time and it’s common to find yourself increasing your goal on the regular! Shoot for the stars! There are no penalties if you don’t meet your goal. Just know that every dollar helps and we appreciate your participation no matter how much you raise.

My friend is interested in joining my team, but can’t make it on April 27th. BOO!

Not to worry! Assure your friend that being present at the actual BAT is not necessary & we have lots of “virtual bowlers” every year! While we’d love to have every fundraiser bowl with us, there are always lots that can’t make it but still do an amazing job raising funds. At its core, the BAT isn’t about how many pins you knock down but rather about how many $$ you can help put towards abortion access. If the passion to support NYAAF is there, the bowling is just a bonus. 🙂

My Aunt Sally doesn’t use the computer and can’t donate online. How do I log her cash or check donations?

Great question! This year we are asking bowlers to log all donations on their individual fundraiser page so we can most accurately keep track of donations & make sure your team gets credit for them. To log cash or check donations you receive, simply log in to your participant page at http://bit.ly/NYAAFbowl14 and on the left column near the bottom, click “Enter offline donations.” If you choose to have a house party or bar event to raise funds for your team (more on this later!), this is how you enter the funds raised! We will collect the cash & checks on the day of the BAT, or you can email us and arrange for an exchange if you’d rather not hang on to it all.


That’s all we’ll cover for now, but please feel free to share this email with your teammates, friends, & anyone interested in the BAT and as always, reach out to us at NYAAFbowlathon[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions or suggestions! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more useful emails from us & keep spreading the word about #NYAAFbowl14!

Many thanks,
NYAAF Bowl-a-thon Coordinator