A note from the frontlines of the New York Abortion Access Fund

Two years ago, I found myself looking for a volunteer opportunity with an organization that was truly effecting change around reproductive justice. I was excited to find exactly what I was looking for in the New York Abortion Access Fund, whose mission is to support anyone in New York State who is unable to pay fully for an abortion. As someone who works outside reproductive health and politics, but who knows the very real ways that lack of access to reproductive health services can shape one’s life, I was eager to get involved in an organization that makes a direct impact on people’s lives.

unnamedAs a NYAAF intake volunteer, I respond to those who call or email us in need of assistance with the cost of their abortion. I work primarily with clients who only speak Spanish. Many of these clients are undocumented; I can hear their voices tremble when they leave a message on an unknown telephone number for an organization that claims it can help. Imagine being in that position, and having to trust that the person on the other end isn’t trying to scam or hurt you. It’s an anxiety that no one should have to feel while simply exercising their right to obtain a safe abortion. NYAAF trains its volunteers to work compassionately with clients, so that instead of being another barrier, we are a partner working alongside them to meet their needs. Since many of you will not hear their gratitude firsthand, I am here to tell you that it is profound and immeasurable.

We could not do this work without the support of our donors, and that is why I am writing to you. Like our clients, I hope you will put your trust in the work that we do, and that you will donate to NYAAF today. Your tax-deductible gift will make an immense difference in the lives of our callers, who deserve to access the healthcare they need with dignity and respect.

This year NYAAF had a record-breaking year; we pledged over $140,000 on behalf of over 400 clients with the help of donors like you. It is truly inspiring, and I feel honored to be part of the NYAAF family. We have raised nearly $17,000 towards our $60,000 end-of-year goal- can you help us support even more callers in 2017?

On behalf of all of us at NYAAF and our clients, THANK YOU for your commitment to making safe abortion accessible for everyone.

With warm wishes,
Karla Salguero
NYAAF Intake Volunteer

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