Call for Board Members: Deadline extended to December 21, 2018!!

In early 2019, we are looking forward to bringing on a new Treasurer, Volunteer Manager, Communications Manager, and Upstate Co-Manager. Full descriptions of each of these roles and a link to the application are available here.

Joining the NYAAF Board of Directors is a fantastic opportunity to galvanize your commitment to reproductive justice, build and flex valuable skills, and expand your professional and personal networks. The NYAAF Board prides itself on sustaining a culture of inclusion, compassion, respect, and shared decision-making. We also strive to center the perspectives and priorities of those most impacted by restrictions to abortion access. No prior board experience or minimum financial contribution is required.

Please share this notice widely across your networks! We especially encourage members of our NYAAF family – case managers, volunteers, and supporters – to consider applying!

Here is what we’re looking for in a board member:

  • We seek vision and leadership (and leadership potential!).
  • We seek diversity in identity, perspective, and experience, including diversity in ethnicity, race, age, economic status, educational experience, status as a parent, ability, sexuality, gender identity, national origin, religious perspective, professional and career experience, and experience in accessing healthcare.
  • We strongly encourage women of color, trans and gender nonconforming people, and those who have experienced difficulty accessing necessary healthcare to apply.
  • We strongly encourage people who have had an abortion or have experience with abortion services to apply.
  • Board members are asked to serve for at least two years. When considering applying, please keep this time commitment in mind.

Applications are due December 21st!

Please direct any questions to To receive a response, inquiries must have “Inquiry: Call for Board Members” in the subject line.