Abortion bans may become law. Act NOW to make a difference.

As you may have heard or read, extreme abortion restrictions are rapidly moving through multiple state legislatures. On Wednesday, Alabama passed a law banning abortion without exception and imposing long criminal sentences on abortion providers. Similar bills have passed in Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio, and Missouri could be next. While no full abortion bans have yet gone into effect, we know that this hostile climate is likely to create more barriers to abortion care in those states.

We are angry. But we find strength in the resilience of this movement, and what we can do when we stand together — and in this moment, we have an opportunity both to show solidarity with other states and to strengthen New York’s ability to remain a haven for safe and legal abortion for all who need it.  

NYAAF is proud to be a core member of the Fund Abortion NYC campaign, which is encouraging the New York City Council to include abortion funding in its 2020 budget. If the campaign is successful, the funds will go directly to NYAAF and will bolster our ability to serve clients living in or coming to New York for abortion care. This would make New York City the first city in the country to publicly fund abortion.

Help us keep abortion access a reality for all. Here’s how:

Thank you for standing with us and helping us make New York a powerful ally in the fight for reproductive justice for all.

The NYAAF Board of Directors

P.S. Another way to support the #FundAbortionNYC campaign is to tweet at City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (@NYCSpeakerCoJo) to urge him to publicly support the campaign to #FundAbortionNYC!