URGENT Funding Need for NYAAF Client


Jess McCabe - Caroline

Over the last month, we’ve been working with a client in a difficult situation. And now we need your help.

Caroline* first got in touch with NYAAF back in August after being unemployed for several months. She did her best to come up with money for the procedure, but was forced to keep rescheduling her appointments when she couldn’t raise enough funds. The procedure continued to become more expensive with each passing week.

Caroline eventually found a new job and was relieved to hear that she would finally have access to health insurance. However, no sooner had her insurance kicked in than she discovered that her new coverage only covered abortion care up to 12 weeks.

Caroline is now right at the New York State legal gestational limit, and has an appointment for an abortion today, Wednesday, September 16. The total cost of the procedure is $6,000. Caroline has managed to pull together $120 and is now earning too much in her new job to receive other funding assistance.

Caroline needs $5,680 in order to keep her appointment today. This is fifteen times our average grant amount, and so we are emailing to ask if you can make an urgent contribution so that Caroline can terminate her pregnancy.

than twenty times our average grant amount, we are emailing to ask if you can make an urgent contribution so that Caroline can terminate her pregnancy.

Can we count on you to help our clients today with a donation of $20, $50, or $100?

You can make an immediate contribution towards Caroline’s case when you click here.

Thank you so much for your consideration and continued support of NYAAF.

Monika Grzeniewski                             Jessica McCabe
NYAAF Board Member                          NYAAF Intake Case Manager

PS: Anything you can give, even $5, will make a huge impact for Caroline. Can’t donate today – no problem help us spread the word. Forward this message to your friends and family. Post your support on Twitter, Facebook, and across your social networks.
*Not the client’s real name. We shared her experience with her permission. We are using “she/her” pronouns at the client’s request.